Are you a visual artist? A writer? A musician? A poet? A sculptor? A graphic designer? Filmmaker? Actor?  Singer-songwriter? Ceramicist? Dancer?

Are You Moving Towards What You Really Want?

Are You Ready to Get Real Results in Your Art & Life


Save $100 and get hundreds of dollars worth of CLARITY benefits before the price goes up! 

(This offer is only good for the Self-Study & August CLARITY Groups. We can only take 10 artists per group. Once the August group is filled, the offer will no longer be available.)

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Are you unclear and struggling to create your art?

Ever wish you had a supportive artist community AND a simple system for transformative results?

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How Much Art Could You
Create in 21 Days?

How many songs could you write?

How many chapters could you finish in your book?

How much visual art could you create? 

How many photos could you take?  

How many scenes could you shoot? 

The truth is, you can get a lot done in 21 days!   It simply takes focus, direction, and some new perspective. What might become possible for you?  What would you create?


CLARITY Will Give You . . . 
A Pathway + A Process = Progress

At The Grove, we've made a simple discovery.

Provide artists a pathway and a process always leads to creative progress.

The Pathway we put you on is Artist Community.

Our Process is Our Proven CPR System for Transformative Results.


The Grove knows you want progress and you want results.
We've designed CLARITY to do just that!

Let The Grove Help You Move Towards What You Want

Your Coaches Promise to Deliver CLARITY

Meet Joey O'Connor - Grove Founder

Joey the founder of The Grove. He's also an award-winning author of 22 books and screenplays. In his seventeen years at The Grove, he has personally coached countless artists to get results in pursuing their creative dreams and lives.

Meet Mandy Hinkle - Coach & Social Media Designer

Mandy is The Grove's Ministry Coordinator. She's also is an uber-talented chef, nutritional therapist and hand-letting artist. She brings to The Grove coaching team a depth, sensitivity and passion for helping every artist discover what makes them unique. Mandy also serves on The Grove's Board of Directors. 

Here are Key Features and Benefits so that You can Thrive

The Pathway
Online Artist Community

In the CLARITY course, you will work alongside nine artists pursuing their creative dreams. Community is our pathway to progress.

The Process
Personalized Artist Coaching 

You will be led by Grove Artist Coaches, Joey O'Connor and Mandy Hinkle, your Guides for teaching The Grove's Proven Process. 

Real Progress
Results That Matter

A pathway and a process leads to real progress so that you get the results you want for your art.

With CLARITY, You Get Results. Here's Living Proof from Artists...


"CLARITY exceeded my expectations. It has taken me above and beyond what I thought possible in just a few weeks. It's been years since I've written my own music. Now I have 4 new compositions!


"Before the CLARITY course, I didn't even have the tools to know how to think about my art and how to go about finding clarity.”


"It's a wonderful balance of video teaching, small amounts of meaningful reading, live interaction face-to-face with a community. Clarity exceeded my expectations as I didn't realize I'd be creating so much stuff during the course!

Get into Community with Other Artists. You Have Everything to Gain.

Let's face it: Most artists create in isolation. Being in community with other artists helps you test ideas, get feedback and clarify what you're after. Here's just a few of our satisfied artists! Join us today!

The Specifics - What's the Best CLARITY Option for You?

Self-Study + Coaching



  • 30 Minute Zoom Coaching Call
    (Joey O'Connor or Mandy Hinkle) 

  • Private Access to "Go At Your Own Pace" Self-Study CLARITY Course

  • Videos, Worksheets, Assessments

  • $100 Scholarship to The Grove's Cultivated Artist Experience (that makes this course a STEAL!)
    The Longing: Embracing the Deepest Truth of Who You Are (ebook)
    by Joey O'Connor

    Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith
    The Grove's award-winning ebook

    Recommended Spiritual Life & Creativity Reading List

Artist Community Coaching
+ 30 Min. Zoom Coaching


(Soon to be $297)

  • 30 Minute Zoom Coaching Call
    (Joey O'Connor or Mandy Hinkle)

  • Personal Group Coaching with Joey O'Connor & Mandy Hinkle (Zoom)

  • 4 Zoom Calls (1x per week)

  • Private Access to CLARITY Course

  • Videos, Worksheets, Assessments

  • Exclusive Access to Grove
    Online Artist Community 

  • Exclusive Access to All 12 Grove
    Online Courses ($142 value)

    $100 Scholarship to The Grove's Cultivated Artist Experience
    The Longing: Embracing the Deepest Truth of Who You Are (ebook)
    by Joey O'Connor

    Transforming Stories of Art, Life & Faith
    The Grove's award-winning ebook

    Recommended Spiritual Life & Creativity Reading List

+ Private Zoom Coaching



  • All CLARITY Course Participation, Features & Benefits 
    listed in MOST POPULAR

  • 2 Private One-Hour Zoom Coaching Calls with Grove Founder, 
    Joey O'Connor

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Note: CLARITY is not for everyone...

Sad to say, but we've met too many artists without a very strong work ethic. You really have to want it. Your results are not guaranteed. CLARITY is only for those that are hard working, realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. This course will however, give you dramatic and transformational breakthroughs if you're willing to learn, work hard, stay in motion and leave all outcomes to God.

Your 100% Grove Guarantee - You Risk Nothing!

The Grove team will coach, guide and provide the resources to deliver the highest value possible to help you get the results you want with your art. If, after 4 weeks, you're not completely satisfied, we will give you a full refund. You risk nothing!