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"The Cultivated Artist Experience reminded me of who I am created to be by God, that what He planted in long ago still lives, still is true and still can be. I now realize deeply that He has been preparing me all the time for what is ahead. The Getaways and Gatherings were just right."

Linda Binley

"The most beneficial aspects of the Cultivated Artist Experience were the things I didn't expect. In addition to the amazing community, much needed rest and refreshment at retreats, I think the biggest benefit was the way it was intentionally structured by putting us in a meeting place with God outside of our normal lives.

The CAE helped unpack what is happening internally that we may not realize is hindering us from the best version of ourselves, as well as to solidify our identity in Him; all of which I can say helped me immensely in stepping deeper into living as a fruitful, creative, and free child of God. I definitely have a much healthier creative life rhythm happening now as a result and I am super thankful for Joey and his team for all they did to help me get there. "

Joel Pritchard
Musician, Visual Artist

"Through this experience I not only grew as an artist but more importantly as an individual —becoming more whole and with a deeper connection to God along with creating new and lasting relationships with fellow artists. I have come to the end of this two year experience with a deeper connection to myself as an artist and a better understanding of what it means to be a thriving artist.

The whole Grove team is truly invested in the growth and well-being of every artist involved. They are committed to see every artist free to express themselves as creative people, but also to thrive as a whole person in Christ. Each leader involved in CAE comes from various creative disciplines. They understand the uniqueness of artists. You can tell they care for the creative community. Plus, they are fun people!"

Nicola Augustson
Visual Artist

"During my year long journey with other artists in the Cultivated Artist Experience something in me woke up. In the past I could only see color, line, and form as separate studies or lessons to paint. Now their seems to be a new cohesive element combining the flow of my life to my art. To quote a German painter Gerard Richter (1982) “Art is the highest form of hope”. Each new project is my heart in brilliant color. "

Karen Horner
Visual Artist

"The Cultivated Artist Experience has given me a deep-seated confidence and boldness in my approach which helps me to do my artwork without expectation of the outcome. I have become more joyful in the process and learned to stop judging my work. The results have left me amazed at how much more prolific I’ve become. I have gained a renewed passion for painting and spent more time in the creative flow.
Most importantly, I am beginning to find my voice as an artist.

I would highly recommend this process for creatives who want to learn how to get out of their own way
to be more productive as an artist. It has been a life-changing experience for me."

Deborah Burron
Visual Artist

What If You Spent A Year Cultivating Your Spiritual Life & Creative Work?

How might this experience transform your faith, your art and your life?

The Cultivated Artist Experience is uniquely designed to give artists of all disciplines the opportunity and space to intentionally cultivate their spiritual life and creative work.
The Cultivated Artist Experience will provide you Christian community, the spiritual formation of your heart, soul and mind and a dynamic creative environment to develop your artistic gifts. You will enjoy healthy, nutritious meals made by our gourmet chef.
Starting In January 2023, you will participate in two Cultivated Artist Getaways (3 night/4 days), monthly group coaching and if your art is ready, the chance to participate in our culminating event, the Cultivated Artist Showcase. A Year 2 Experience is available for artists who want to continue to enrich their art & relationships with their fellow artists.
During this 8-month experience, you will select your creative focus and develop artistic goals for the coming year, which you'll share with your fellow artists. If you want to achieve greater success than ever in your life and art, we invite you to inquire today.

Each Journey has 5-10 artists. 
In comparison to other conferences, retreats and artist cohort groups, we keep the price very affordable. Scholarships options available.

Creative Christian Community

In our two Getaway Artist Retreats, monthly video conference calls, and Artist Showcase, you will experience new friendships and great conversations in creative Christian community. As you create your own artistic goals, you receive a balance of challenge and support to achieve them. 

Cultivating Your Spiritual Life

The Grove walks alongside artists to help them discover their identity as a beloved son or daughter of God as we explore what it means to be on a creative and spiritual journey. We specifically explore how the spiritual life of an artist integrates with the quality and output of their creative work.

Aggressive Goals The CPR Process

The Grove has a unique CPR Goal-Setting Process where we lead you with specific steps for setting aggressive, achievable goals. We assit you in achieving the goals you want to reach in your creative life. Develop greater focus. Eliminate barriers and distractions. Achieve the true creative potential you are designed to reach. 

Creative Funding Options

For cash-strapped artists, some of you may be wondering, "So how am I going to pay for this?" If you're accepted, The Grove can create a scholarship on your behalf so your family and friends can make tax-deductible gifts for you to participate. The Grove is a 501c3 non-profit organization.
(Scholarships available.)

Coaching to Help You Reach Your Creative Goals

All of the artists in the Cultivated Artist Experience set tangible and specific one-year goals through The Grove's CPR Goal-Setting Process. In our monthly coaching calls, we help you measure and celebrate progress, troubleshoot roadblocks and push forward to achieve your creative dreams.


The CPR Goal Process Works
(Because You Will Work!)

In the past four years of the Cultivated Artist Experience, we have seen our artists complete more paintings, music, sculpture, books, video/film, and creative projects than ever before. (What you see on this webpage is a small taste of their completed work.)

Cultivated Artist Slide Show

Enjoy these photos from the past 4 years of the Cultivated Artist Experience. These are our artists from each artist cohort group, Journey's 1, 2, 3, & 4.



Ryan Kirkland & Jonathan Yarborough

Inspired by the first Artist Getaway, Ryan came back and launched his Youtube Channel. Johnny wrote and recorded six songs for his upcoming album.

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