2019 Grove Artist
Grant Winners

On June 1 at The Grove Cultivated Artist Showcase, we announced the winners to our 2019 Grove Artist Grants. $20,000 was awarded in artist grants to 20 artists who demonstrated creativity and originality in creating art for a public gathering. Here are the grant winners and photos from the event. 

Visual Art - Jason Leith - Sacred Streets - Visual Arts & Social Practice

Music - Morea Arthur - Worship Music CD Project

Public Art Installation - Robert Wertz - Paths to Peace

Photography - Anastasia Augustson – Mental Health & Addiction Recovery

Feature-Length Documentary Film - Vincent DeLuca - Way of the Cross

Artist Gathering - Erik Peterson – Equipping People to Discover the Artist Within

Visual Art - Helen Juveland - Seeds of Hope - Art for Foster Care Children

Photography & Graphic Design - Megan VanBeuge - Psalm of Ascents Book  

Visual Art - Melissa Baynes - Abstract Painting & Floral Gallery Installation 

Music - Gina Stockton - The Dwell Project

Ceramics - Nicole Zina Losi – Goblets & The Human Condition

Visual Art - Christene Lee Smith - Rose Portraits Gallery Show

Music – Joel Pritchard – Music for People Recording Project

Visual Art - Cindi Rhodes & Denise Weyhrich - SEEDS Fine Arts Exhibits – Epitaphs

Visual Art - Kyong Boon Oh - Flow with Mediums Sculpture

Visual Art - Dionna Schmidt - Floral Artistry Community Project

Film - Streaming Series - Prentice Dupins - Lela’s Place

Visual Art - Nicola Augustson - Figurative Art in Charcoal - Addiction Recovery

Artist Mentoring - Roy Cochran - Artist Guild

Emerging Artist Award – Music - Solomon Rurup

Cultivated Artist Showcase

Enjoy these photos of our Cultivated Artist Showcase. Over 25 artists presented their art in the visual art gallery and through live performances. Poets, musicians, filmmakers, authors, visual artists, and photographers — all artists in the Cultivated Artist Experience — presented their beautiful artistry.


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