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Lead Guitar, Songwriting, Orginal Christian Rock Music 

Project Description

The work for this project is dedicated to the Lord. I wanted the journey to focus on my growth in recording, singing and lead guitar playing, as well as taking the music of Escobosa-Fox to the next level. We had so many songs started and it was time to begin tracking out our ideas as demos and refine them into the full songs we envisioned them to be.

I was just about to retire when I discovered the Creative Coaching Journey and though I was hesitant, it was exactly what I needed, when I needed it. As soon as I retired, I hit the ground running into my new career path. It has been an exciting journey filled with self-discovery and progress. I spent the first month focusing on vocals and lead guitar. The second month I focused on vocal stylizations and studying various rock vocalists. After a setback with trigger finger, the last month I was back playing guitar and had the pleasure of doing a couple of singing events. More recently, my focus has been on recording tracks and putting on finishing touches.

Fallen No More / A New Day
By Escobosa-Fox

Fallen No More

By © Marcia Escobosa


Brother where are you standing?

Where have you been? 

Where has this taken you –

the falling, the sin? 


Sister, what called out to you?

What lies did you hear? 

What has kept you lost and blue? 

Vanity and fear 


Can you hear his voice

calling out to you? 

While you still have a choice, 

reach out for His Truth. 


The days are fading fast

Time is drawing nigh

Will you find the Light at last? 

Or descend into night? 


Though the world has fallen 

We’ve broken inside as well

I’ve seen the empty promises 

of an eternal hell


You can open your heart

To the One who gives you Life 

The Truth will find you standing 

As you walk into His Light


A New Day

By © Marcia Escobosa


I saw a Man, shining brightly

Walking through the clouds


Eyes of fire, my heart’s desire

Love is all around


Evil is astounded, trumpets sounded

Angels gather around


Knees are bowing, satan cowering

Heaven’s hit the ground

HEARTSTRINGS Instrumental Demo
By Escobosa-Fox

Project Process

On HEARTSTRINGS, what I was hearing was an intimate encounter with the Holy Spirit - a profound interaction between human and Spirit as one opens their heart and allows God into the deepest regions of self. The repetitive 2-chord rhythm was kept simple – alternating and repetitive – because of the meditative quality it lends and the emotional depth the chords bring. It also allows an undistracted focus on the lead guitar. Here, the lead reflects the movement of the Spirit - which goes into the darker places of the soul, beyond former areas of resistance, and flows with acceptance, empathy, grace and reassurance. It is gentle and soothing, and leaves no part of us behind, but embraces the ‘all' of us. HEARSTRINGS is best listened to when one is still, open in mind and heart and with eyes shut to bring a sense of peace and immersion.

Fallen No More is the first half of a two-part song which merges from one song right into the other. During the fade at the end, you can hear the first chords entering into the second song which is still being written. The second half is called New Day and is about the coming of the Lord and his destruction of evil. Fallen No More is the wake-up call to a lost world in need of salvation, as well as the end times church that has backslidden or is fragmenting away from Scripture into its own compromised, worldly religion. The Lord is coming soon and it is time we look up and understand what is at stake. The urgency and importance of the message is also influenced by Jesus’ Parable of the Ten Virgins.

Artist Bio

I’ve had a vision to write, play and record original Christian rock for many years. My goal has been to write music that is secular rock in sound (and audience) but with Christian lyrics and message. My audience is the spiritually lost and hungry in the world first, and those who know the Lord, second. The music is designed to serve the call of the Lord to restore the lost sheep to Him, and my territory is the hearts and minds of people who are lonely, depressed, bored with the trivialities of society, angry, restless and are familiar with pain and disillusionment. I spent a lot of time in these places in my life and I want to write the music that I longed to hear, when I had strayed from my Christian roots and was relentlessly attacked by the enemy. I longed for music to pull me back out, but all I had was dark secular music that identified with my pain but held no answers. After years of coming back to the Lord and being blessed with finding my calling, I often return to those darker places to be inspired to create music for those facing similar struggles. As a result I feel called to go deeper into a spirituality that is unafraid to confront these realities – but with compassion, wisdom, hard-hitting truth and empathy. I’m not here to sugarcoat anything or beat around the bush. Life is short. We need God. Now. 

Experience-wise I have been writing music for 20 years, been in bands for 25 years and started playing music (piano) at the age of 10. I have had my own bands and have played in numerous others. In the last couple of years, my friend Randy and I started playing music together and God created a songwriting team between us that has taken off. Together, we call ourselves Escobosa-Fox. Our secular influences range from classic rock, blues rock and even pop rock in the vein of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Eagles and Journey. The songs for this project are co-written by Randy and I and were just completed and arranged this month as introductory demos or musical sketches to present our core ideas. More refined recordings will come as we work through them.

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