Paths to Peace: A Spiritually Based Peace Building Program

Public Art

Project Description

The Paths to Peace program is a spiritually based exercise intended to nurture harmony among the Abrahamic faiths. The program employs a labyrinthine design comprised of symbols that represent each faith. The creation of a sacred space by members of these religions demonstrates that People of the Book can work together to solve a complex problem. This experience establishes a reflective benchmark for the participants when considering needs or problems affecting their communities.

Project Process

The Paths to Peace program is an unconventional peace-building method that applies the creative process and spiritual principles to nurture harmony among the Abrahamic faiths. The project focuses on the common patriarchal denominator and symbolism that represent each religion. The interactive experiential workshop demonstrates that participants from each faith can collaborate with others to solve a complex problem. This awareness contributes to fostering continued dialogue and interfaith support that serves to dispel negative religious and cultural bias.

Artist Bio

Twenty-five years ago, during the throes of a near-death experience, I had a vision of a way of living rooted in service. The focus of my artistic practice is rooted in the clarity I embraced resulting from this life-changing experience. This clarity was the recognition of the divine source of inspiration for the Paths to Peace program.

Education: Bachelor of Art – Art (Environmental Design) San Diego State University


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