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Marketing Your Art - Proven, Practical Ways to Get Your Art into the Marketplace and Get More Sales

How often have you wondered, "How can I learn proven, practical ways to market my art? How can I get more sales for my visual art, books and music?"

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If you struggle with marketing your art, you're not alone! In every sphere of the art world, every artist faces the challenges of marketing their art. There is hope...

Whether you are a musician, filmmaker, author, photographer, actor, or visual artist, in this practical, one-hour audio class, Joey O'Connor interviews artist and marketing expert, Margot Rogers. No matter what kind of art you produce, Joey and Margot will offer you time-tested marketing principles and practices that will help you improve how you market your art.

Joey and Margo will guide you how to better understand the unique challenges you face in marketing your art and how to overcome them. When you purchase this class, you'll also receive a PDF class outline so you can follow along and take notes.

Marketing Your Art will challenge and inspire you to pursue your artistic career by getting your art into the marketplace!

This one-hour Grove Class is packed with solid marketing tools and information.

You will learn...

  • How to Understand What's Underneath the Pain of Marketing
  • How to Understand Marketing Principles
  • How to Create Art Worth Marketing
  • How to Understand Your Unique Artistic Value
  • How to Identify Your Market
  • How to Develop Your Story
  • How to Create Your Marketing Plan
  • How to Identify New Tools that Work for You! 
  •  Q & A during the Class

Our Grove Guarantee...

If you are not 100% satisfied, we will give you a full refund!

About Margot Rogers

Margot Rogers is a freelance illustrator and muralist based north of Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Her illustrations have been featured in major publications including The Four Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss,, and Students for life. Her large scale illustrations have been produced as murals for commercial and private clients. Margot graduated from Gordon College with a dual degree in Philosophy and English. She completed additional graduate study at La Complutense and Universidad de Castilla de La Mancha, Spain. She studied visual arts at SMFA, Montserrat College of Art, and Universitat de Barcelona. Margot serves as the Membership and Marketing Director at CIVA (Christians in Visual Arts). Prior to joining CIVA, she worked in Program Development at Harvard University and AmeriCorps, and most recently as a business consultant for small creative businesses.

When you purchase the Marketing Your Art class, you'll also receive...

  • A class outline PDF 
  • Helpful Links to Recommended Books & Resources.
  • A free coupon to purchase another Grove Online Class.

All this for only $9.99... you can listen to the class as many times as you like!