The 7 Simple Questions You Must Ask to Achieve Your Creative Dreams

Are Your Creative Dreams AT STAKE?
Do You Want Greater Creative FLOW?

What if a few simple questions could alter the whole course of your creative life?

What if a few simple questions created in you a greater sense of urgency, clarity and focus for the creative dreams you have in your heart?

Do you live with a strong sense of CREATIVE FLOW when you create?

What if you only had six months to live? What creative dream would you pursue if you knew that you only had a short amount of time left on this earth?

Weighty questions, I know.

In The 7 Simple Questions You Must Ask to Achieve Your Creative Dreams, I designed a simple, practical and very affordable online course to help you see your dreams realized.

Perhaps you downloaded our 7 Simple Questions free gift? You've enjoyed the free PDF, but if you'd like to go further. You're serious about your dreams and you want more...

I'd love to personally walk you through The 7 Simple Questions with inspiring stories, helpful ideas, new resources, and strategic action steps.

In Lesson 2, I explore the critical concept of CREATIVE FLOW, how it works and how it can make a tremendous difference in your life!

This Grove Online Course offers you great value and benefit by helping you achieve the creative dreams you're passionate about fulfilling in your life.

Through 4 video lessons and a BONUS 5th. Action Plan video, I'm going to lead you through these 7 simple questions...

  1. What if you only had six months to LIVE?

  2. When did you first discover you had CREATIVE gifts, talents and dreams?

  3. When have you felt incredibly ALIVE in creating your art?

  4. How does FEAR hold you back from achieving your creative dreams?

  5. Do you allow EXCUSES to keep you from achieving your creative dreams?

  6. What is AT STAKE by YOU NOT achieving your creative dreams?

  7. What do you really WANT?

And that's just a start...inside the course, I actually ask a whole lot more questions to get you thinking, planning, and creating a specific action plan to put your dreams to work.

Here's a peek inside the course...

Don't delay . . . your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled. You have much beauty to offer this world with your creative gifts. I'll see you inside the course.

Our Grove Guarantee...
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