5 Secrets of Flourishing Artists

Have you ever asked yourself why some artists flourish and others do not? Do you need some great tools to flourish in your life and art?

In 5 Secrets of Flourishing Artists, this practical online class is designed to give you the encouragement, tools and affirmation you need to become all that God has created you to be as an artist. Here's what other artists have had to say about the 5 Secrets...

"I really enjoyed this presentation. It was wonderful to hear you talk about making time for art and trusting in God to help with it. I have multiple jobs and am so busy that I haven’t thought about many of these things in a long time. It was great to sit and listen to three great minds!" Nicole
"Thank you for this encouragement. These elements are essentials that I sometimes forget in my day to day pursuit of following God’s call." Dennis

In this one hour webinar, you will discover...

  • Key Practices for Learning How to Flourish in Your Personal and Professional Life
  • The First Thing You Must Do to Flourish as an Artist
  • Why Too Many Artists Don't Flourish (The One Mistake You Want to Avoid!)
  • This One Relationship Could Make All the Difference in Your Life
  • What Every Flourishing Artist Already Knows (Hint: We're going to get really practical here!)

In 5 Secrets of Flourishing Artists, you'll receive...

  • The full one-hour audio webinar.
  • A downloadable PDF if you'd like to take notes!
  • Links to great books and resources designed to help you flourish.
  • Access to contact Kayla and Jason after the online class.
  • Free Access to Participate in the Class Q & A Forum