Building Your Artist Platform

Is marketing your art painful for you? Joey O'Connor and marketing expert, Scott Shuford, the founder of Frontgate Media. Scott has worked with artists for many, many years and understands the how's and why's of marketing strategy.

Joey and Scott explore the questions, "How do you build your artist platform and market your art? How do you get your work out there to be seen AND purchased by the world so you can continue to pursue your life as an artist?"

In this Grove Online Class, Scott covers key marking principles that will help you market your art and the important social media tools you need to develop a raving fan base. You will learn and understand the steps of building your artist platform when you name...

  • Your Product
  • Your Price
  • Your Place
  • Your Promotion

Scott also covers the importance of understanding how you control the timing and message of what you offer in your artist platform. You will also learn the in's and out's of building your social media presence in a way that draws people to you and your work.

You will benefit by Scott's ideas, expertise, encouragement and practical strategies for building your artist platform.