The Grove Retreat Center

Our Calling & Our Dream

A national retreat center for creativity, arts & media in the Church.

The Grove Center for the Arts & Media began with a calling and a dream to develop a national retreat center for creativity, arts & media in the Church on our property in North San Diego County. For many years, we worked very hard to develop a retreat center designed to be a multi-use facility created for artists, churches, non-profit organizations, universities and civic gatherings. After several meetings with the San Diego Planning Department, it was determined that the size and scope of the project was too large for the existing property and zoning laws. 

We currently hold one-day Getaway retreats on the property. If your group, church or organization is interested in holding a one-day event at The Grove, please contact us.

As you can see from the beautiful renderings, our team of world-class architects, landscape designers, and engineers created incredible plans for The Grove Retreat Center.

We are seeking collaborative partnerships with individuals and organizations to develop the retreat center in the San Diego area. Our prayer is for a renaissance of the arts within the Body of Christ to bring the beauty, truth and goodness of God to this world.

Our 12 acre organic lemon and avocado farm is located in Valley Center, California.

If you are interested in helping us develop The Grove Retreat Center, please contact us today.


What if there was a place...

For artists, creatives, and everyone who loves the beauty, mystery, imagination and wonder of God found in the arts to cultivate their spiritual lives and creative work. What if there was a place for churches, ministries and other non-profits to be involved in a dynamic community space like The Grove? A place of spiritual formation, transformation and creative innovation.