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Start Living Large by Stop Playing Small
May 3, 2017

Are you living large by expanding your creative capacity for all that life has to offer? Or, are you playing small by wanting certainty and safety instead of taking new risks? 

In this episode, I tell a great story of a lion who was playing small instead of being the lion he was made to be. I identify some of the fears and questions that lead us to living large or playing small. You are made for greatest as an artist and as a follower of God. You have the amazing gift of making this world a more beautiful place. Step into who you're made to be by start living large today.

I'd love your thoughts and comments.

We'd love your ideas, feedback, and comments for Start Living Large by Stop Playing Small. How do you live large? What does living large look like to you? When do you know when you're playing small? What fears, struggles or roadblocks get in the way of you becoming the artist you're made to be? What action steps do you take to push through the obstacles? Who helps you along the way?

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