Curiosity Explores and Inspires Creativity

Impressional Art with an Impressionistic Expression

Project Description

I paint from my heart and am always curious about what makes a great painting. I love to explore and experiment with color, technique and brushwork. The effects of light on a subject depicting a specific moment in time - like birds on the beach at sunset, people having a fun day at the harbor, or painting a simple still life in my studio are all sources of my inspiration.

Project Process

I love capturing a moment in time and I always have a camera in hand ready for when an opportunity presents itself. Often I will go out Plein Air painting to get my color notes from nature, but usually I paint from my photo references in my home studio. To find my design for an interesting and effective composition, I often use a grid of diagonal lines called “Dynamic Symmetry” as an armature to build my paintings. Lately, I have been painting with a limited color palette to explore my options to create interesting color harmonies. I have discovered a template that I use to create my color harmony charts and find it quite therapeutic to do these charts. Painting over an old painting that I have sanded down is something I often do as it provides an interesting underground that encourages pleasant surprises and texture in my paintings.

Artist Bio

Growing up in South Africa and being surrounded by creative family members (including an opera singer, an actor, musicians, writers, sculptors and more) were the creative inspirations and foundation of my art passion.

Being born and raised in South Africa has also given me some insight into the plight of women and children living in shanty towns and rural villages with their lack of clean running water. After getting connected with a local charity that exists to drill water wells in Uganda, I have been inspired to do many paintings for them on the theme of life around the well.

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