Do You Know Your Unique Purpose?


(Consider reading the post first before watching the video...context matters.)

In many years working with artists, one common theme emerges when I speak with an artist who feels stuck, stagnant or circling round and round in creative dead ends.

And that is the theme of purpose.

If you feel flat, unmotivated, frustrated, or discouraged in your creative life, let me offer a gentle nudge and reminder...

The life of an artist is challenging. For many, it's downright difficult and hard.

Being an artist requires daily courage to go for incremental gains, especially if you aren't a full-time artist. You may only have a few hours on the weekend or late at night to focus on your book, painting, or music. If you're a full-time artist, you know the boatload of other pressures you face.

You've burned your boats and you know there's no going back.

This is why being clear on your purpose and why you create is a pivotal pathway to making the progress you desire. 

Your purpose anchors you in your in This is WHY I create.

Here at The Grove, we've had the privilege of seeing a transformational change in artist's lives when they get clear on their purpose. 

Just last week with the launch of Re-Create: 5 Days to Creative Breakthroughwe're already seeing many artists find the creative breakthroughs they're looking for in their art and lives. Perhaps today might be a good day to revisit your purpose?

Or join The Grove community of artists who are exploring this theme in the course? (Don't worry...Re-Create is absolutely free!)

In Re-Visiting Your Purpose (Day 2), Thomas, from New Hampshire, wrote...

"The "aha" moment for myself was the realization that the gift of the artist is rooted in the blessing of sharing it with others and bringing that glory back to Father in prayerful thanksgiving. Much thanks to the Grove staff for refreshing and encouraging artists in their unique calling and purpose."

Moya, from England, said...

"I find joy in my music because I experience God's presence in a deep, intimate way. I am grateful that others too connect with God and experience him speaking to them during the music."

Are you struggling to find or rediscover your purpose? Do you find past hurts, doubts, and discouragement get in the way?

You're not alone.

I appreciate Donna's honesty when she wrote about dealing with doubt...

"This is where I struggle the most — and I have a hard time pinpointing where the hurt and self-doubt is coming from, but it has definitely ingrained itself into my thinking that I (and my work) will never be good enough... so how do you overcome this? Just (counter-positive) self-talk and prayer haven't given me the breakthrough I clearly need... And how do you balance healthy criticism from unhelpful thoughts?

Wherever you find yourself in this stage of life and art, you stand to make good gains by re-visiting your unique purpose. In the process, you just might find yourself creating with deeper desire and joy.

This is what Donna, from Michigan, discovered...

"It seems that over and over God is bringing up the subject of reconnecting with joy in my life and my art. So for my quick win, I scheduled studio time with another artist friend to just talk shop and faith. In this time of COVID, it was good to have that kind of fellowship and encouragement."

You have a unique purpose as an artist in God's kingdom. Your purpose flows from the special artistry He's already placed in you as a beloved son or daughter. He's given you and me a unique calling to make this world a more beautiful place. 

Let's step into the good works He has prepared for us in advance.

"For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do." Ephesians 2:10

Question: Do you know your unique purpose? What is it? If you don't, do you think you might have an inkling of what your unique purpose might be?

Leave a comment. We'd love to hear from you.

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