How to Shift from Perfectionism into Creative Freedom

by Erik Peterson

One of the biggest ways we sabotage ourselves as creatives is allowing our negative inner dialogue to dictate how we show up and what we carry into the process of art-making. 

If perfectionism has prevented you from creating in the way you desire, take heart. I think we all wrestle with this to varying degrees. The good...

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What is the Purpose of Procrastinating Perfectionism?

By Joey O'Connor

The twin evil stepsisters of making progress with your art are Procrastination and Perfectionism.

What is the purpose of these two nefarious Sirens?


Listening to the Siren Songs of Procrastination and Perfectionism reveals the lack of a clearly defined purpose and the specific results you want in your creative...

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I'm Not a Procrastinator or a Perfectionist. And I'm Not Defensive.

By Joey O'Connor

I'm not a procrastinator or perfectionist.

And I'm not defensive.

Did you heart me? I am not a procrastinator.

I am a "deadline" performer with swaths of last-minute brilliance.

No ego here...really.

I am also not a perfectionist.

I am one with an eye for detail and thoroughness.

I live in the Zen of kaizen...continuous...

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