Do You Want to Be A Successful Artist?

artist creativity success Aug 24, 2018

As an artist, what does success look like to you?

I've never met an artist who doesn't want to be successful, but you and I know that success can be defined in many ways. Here's a few way artists define success...

Success is...

  • Pushing my creative limits by always learning and practicing my art.
  • Achieving creative flow as I work.
  • Hitting the creative goals I set for myself.
  • Financial success with the work I produce.
  • Experiencing peace, joy and contentment as I work.
  • Eliminating negative self-talk and only letting my Inner Critic speak when needed.
  • Fame and lots of it.
  • Positive reviews and critiques of my art.
  • Getting funding for my art (investors, grants, scholarships).
  • Acceptance and accolades from peers.
  • Pushing through creative resistance when I get stuck.

And that's just a few ways artists define success. 

What we've discovered at The Grove is that artists have big dreams and desires in their heart for artistic success (however they might define it), but there is often a disconnect between "the desires in my heart and actually doing my art."

This disconnect or distance between our heart, head, and hands is what keeps you and I from producing our art. And living with a smattering of unfinished art...

Personal example: Just yesterday I was working on my novel. The first draft is massive...over 800 pages. Then I checked Facebook. Then my email. What was it inside me to momentarily pull myself out of my creative rhythm? I didn't need to check Facebook or my email. What was keeping me from FACINGMYBOOK?

Facebook or my email will not help me complete my book or help me reach my goal or help me find any level of success if I don't finish it. Can you relate? I hope so...

The Grove has designed the Cultivated Artist Experience to help you become the most successful artist possible. We help you hit the creative goals you set for yourself. Our team coaches you to identify the results you want and eliminate the distractions. Imagine that . . . creative coaching each month for a whole year to help you reach your goals!

It's a phenomenal experience designed to help you become the artist you're designed to be. Give yourself a year. Invest in yourself. You'll be with serious artists who want to produce great work. You'll be well-fed. 

Email us your questions. Space is limited. We're only accepting 15 applicants for this next year, which begins this October. Don't put off becoming a successful artist. Apply today

Okay, that's it.

Back to writing...

I love to hear your comments below. How do you define success? What keeps people from becoming successful artists? How do you set your goals and reach them?