Living at the Pace of Grace

artist pace spiritual life Aug 04, 2017

The past month has been very difficult.

It's one of those times as a parents that Krista and I would wish upon no one.

More tears and heartache with one of our four children — yes, a teenager — than we've ever experienced in our lives.

I'll save the details for now, but suffice to say, all the grief, the tears, the waiting, and the heartache have forced me to slow down. Really slow down my pace of life.

A friend of mine once said, "When your heart is broken, the rest of you just doesn't work as well."

In the midst of waiting and wondering when our son will come home, I'm working on cultivating my heart. Paying attention to its mysterious movements throughout the day. Praying courageously as best I can. Surrendering the control I know I don't have. And investing in the family and friendship relationships that are life-giving.

In all of this, God's sweet whisper has been for me to live and walk at the pace of grace.

Even in times of great suffering, God has good and generous gifts for you and I each day. I really do believe, I wrote a few reflections here that I hope will encourage you today.

When we live at the pace of grace, our hearts can receive the good and generous gifts God has prepared for us today.

When we live at the pace of grace,
we can enter into the restful, light and easy yoke of Jesus.

When we live at the pace of grace,
our vision sees beyond the visible challenges and problems before us.

When we live at the pace of grace,
God gives us the gift of seeing the spirtual reality of what is really going on around us.

This allows us to enter into a better place of deeper communion and union with God, which
helps us to abide in Christ, keep in step with His Spirit and pray courageously.

When we live at the pace of grace,
we are much better suited to step into the creative flow of what God is already doing.

When we are caught up in what God is doing, not being swept downstream
by the changing currents of our culture, what is trendy or popular now,
we find ourselves wonderfully, mysteriously caught up in the flow of His new creation.

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