Who Cares for Your Heart? Who Cares for Your Art?


As an artist, I have two really important questions for you . . .

Who cares for your heart? And who cares for your art?

Really? Who helps cultivate, nurture, and tend your most important assets?

In reading one of my favorite spiritual authors this morning, Dallas Willard writes in Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice . . .

The human heart is the executive center of a human life . . .The ideal is for the whole person to do only what the heart directs. Spiritual formation in Christ is the process of leading to that ideal, and its result is love of God with all of the heart, soul, mind, and strength and love of neighbor as oneself.

We're often told to "Love God and Love Others," but that itty-bitty ONESELF is often left out. Spiritual and creative formation is an inside-out process beginning with receiving the love of God into your heart and then, learning to cultivate it well.

Enter the intentional care and cultivation of your heart. 

I'm absolutely convinced that the care and cultivation of your heart has a dramatic output on your craft (i.e. the cultivation, quality and output of your art).

This is why The Grove has created The Cultivated Artist Experience.

One year. Four Getaway artist retreats and Gatherings. Monthly video calls.

Spiritual and artistic community. Creative coaching. Goal-setting. Great meals!

It's for you, your heart, and your art. Listen to what our artist friends have experienced...

The most beneficial aspects of the Cultivated Artist Experience were the things I didn't expect. In addition to the amazing community, much needed rest and refreshment at Getaways, I think the biggest benefit was the way it was intentionally structured by putting us in a meeting place with God outside of our normal lives.
                                                                Joel Pritchard, Musician/Visual Artist, AZ

I would highly recommend the Cultivated Artist Experience process for creatives who want to learn how to get out of their own way to be more productive as an artist.  It has been a life-changing experience for me.
                                                                Deborah Burron, Visual Artist, AZ

Through the Cultivated Artist Experience I not only grew as an artist but more importantly as an individual —becoming more whole and with a deeper connection to God along with creating new and lasting relationships with fellow artists. The whole Grove team is truly invested in the growth and well-being of every artist involved. They are committed to see every artist free to express themselves as creative people, but also to thrive as a whole person in Christ.
                                                                  Nicola Augustson, Visual Artist, CA

We're seeing amazing spiritual and creative transformation in the lives of artists.

I'd like to invite you to apply. We start our third year this October (Journey 3) for our 2018/2019 experience.

Check out the video. Read the details here on our Cultivated Artist Experience page. Tight on money? We can create a tax-deductible scholarship for your friends & family to support your participation.

But I know you may have more questions...so, email me today to set up a free 20-minute phone call to speak with me in person. I'd love to answer your questions.

If you're already convinced this is what your heart & art needs, apply today.

Join a select group of 12-15 artists for Journey 3 (Year 3) and you'll join The Grove community of artists involved in Journey 1 & Journey 2 (Years 1 & 2).

I can't wait to hear from you. Email me today for your free call and we'll talk more.

Be good to your heart,


Leave a Comment: Who cares for your heart? And your art? What are the ways you cultivate your spiritual life and creative work with others?

I'd love your thoughts and questions...