Why Better Questions Lead to Better Art and Deeper Connections

by Erik Peterson

Whether you are with others, with God, or with yourself and your art, asking better questions can become a transformational practice and way of seeing the world.

Asking good questions is an art form in and of itself, and one that we can cultivate to enhance our art-making and our relationships.

  • When you are with others, are you interested in learning more about who they are, or are you more concerned with what you want to share?
  • When you are with God, how often are you asking questions and listening, rather than speaking?
  • When you are engaged in your art, are you making space to pose questions that would uncover new possibilities? 

The Art of Asking Good Questions 

With Others

When we gather as artists, it’s important that we learn to ask how we are doing, and really listen. This is a value we like to foster in our group coaching, where we set aside dedicated time to listen to an artist share a challenge, and only ask questions (without offering feedback or advice.) This creates a sense of safety, genuine curiosity and empowering exploration. 

With God

With God, let’s learn to ask Him questions like a child, and see what He would like to show us.

With Our Art and Ourselves

With our art, we can do quick check-ins with ourselves to stay open, honest and connected to our inner artist. Just as God loves our questions, so too it is with our heart-mind.  When we ask, our heart-mind playfully goes to work.

Questions such as:

  • “What is working?”
  • “What is not working?”
  • “Who might I want to share my process with?” (Whether it’s a celebration or a challenge)
  • “What would bring me joy?”
  • “What is my intention for this creative time before me?”

Practice asking better questions today of others, of God, and of yourself in your art. Most likely, you’ll be surprised at what you discover! 


 - Erik


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