Pursue Your Creative Calling

by Erik Peterson

Is there a creative project you have been putting off and, despite your best efforts, can’t seem to make progress on? You’re not alone, most of us start out with a lot of inspiration, and even may take some powerful strides in the direction of our dreams…

But inevitably, life happens.

We get derailed, lose sight of our purpose, and forget about making the kind of art that is truly meaningful to us.

If you were to be honest, are you living up to the potential you know you have in you when it comes to your artistic dreams?

Or are you getting trapped in similar patterns that are holding you back from creating in the way you ultimately desire?

I’m thinking of things like:

  • Self-doubt - “It probably won’t work”
  • Self-sabotage - “I’ll just do this other unimportant thing instead!”
  • Fear of putting yourself out there - “What will people think?"
  • Procrastination - “Maybe later…"
  • Perfectionism - “After 10 years of perfecting this, then I’ll share it!”
  • Imagine taking a deep breath… and letting all those things go, once and for all.

I am not exaggerating when I say that’s what it’s like to be a part of a community which can help you overcome longstanding patterns that get in the way of making art in the way your heart truly desires.

There is real magic that happens when you enter community, start letting go of old beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, and begin availing yourself to more supportive empowering perspectives.

The great thing is, this all happens very naturally in the context of a growth-minded community. It’s incredibly freeing, and fun! I believe this is the way God designed us to thrive and grow in the purposes He has for us.

Are you ready to break through to new levels of freedom and growth in your art-making?

Find out how the Creative Coaching Journey can support you.