What's Your Bold Vision for Your Art?

bold coaching community vision May 05, 2021
by Erik Peterson

Recently Mandy and I have been re-watching all the original Star Wars movies. Every time I watch these films, I am struck by the bold vision of George Lucas.

Despite overwhelming odds (all but one studio turned down the project), and a process that took five years to finely tune and complete the script, Lucas ended up creating a whole universe that captured the world by storm, and continues to delight fans to this day (yes, even to the point of having yesterday, May 4th, be designated Star Wars Day!)

The question of vision is so important for us as artists because, without it, it’s very likely we will fail to persevere in creating bold, beautiful and lasting work.

What vision do you have for your art through the rest of 2021?


We have seen a similar process play out for many artists over the years.

  • It all starts with connecting with God’s heart, and what artistic dreams and desires He has planted there.
  • When artists feel connected, they naturally get inspired and clear on the vision they have, and what steps they need to take to get where they want to go.
  • As a result, they begin taking courageous steps towards their vision.
  • Finally, as they take more courageous action, their confidence grows until their project (aligned with their heart and vision) is completed.

The stages of the creative journey look like this:

Connect with heart -> Clarity of vision -> Courageous steps ->

Confidence grows -> Completion of project!

As you look at these stages, where do you find yourself getting hung up the most often?

  • Is it that you are completing projects, but they feel out of alignment with your true desires and vision?
  • Do you feel like you have a clear path, but for some reason are not taking the necessary steps to get there?
  • Or do you have trouble seeing your projects to completion, and seeing the fruit of your work?

Each one of us may be prone to getting stuck in one or more of these areas. But that’s ok. Because I left out the special missing ingredient - a 6th “C” to add to the others…. Can you guess what it is?

Yes, that’s right - Community!

None of the above can happen very richly or at all without community. You wander aimlessly, or go down paths that aren’t fruitful, for yourself or for others. Or you just see the same patterns repeat themselves, and you end up frustrated because you are not going where you want to go.


Do you want more heart connection, clarity of vision, courage to take the necessary steps, confidence and project completion?

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